Now I’ll always be in touch

I think I’ve just subscribed to RSS feeds for some of the blogs listed on the right.  It’s all coming together now.

The idea behind RSS is that you don’t need to keep going to your favourite sites every day to see what’s new, the new stuff gets sent straight to you.  In the words of Paul Daniels .. Magic!  I’ve set up an RSS feed on Bloglines, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow, or the next time someone posts, to find out if I’ve set it up OK.  As I’m finding with all these tools, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, after putting in the URL (web address) of the blog I wanted to subscribe to, often a number of options would appear and without much explanation on the site, I clicked on the one that looked most probable.  Let’s see how it goes.

You know it’s hard to think about RSS feeds when the sun is shining outside and the ducks are quacking.

Talking of Paul Daniels I’ve just taken a look at his site sadly to get a link for this and you can download a video podcast of him teaching magic tricks, technology rocks!

2 thoughts on “Now I’ll always be in touch

  1. Sorry, saw your email on Monday introducing your blog and was going to reply, but then looked out of the window of our office to see this
    WOW – its was spectacularly if a little sad and scary at times!
    Full story and more pictures here
    Sad end to an iconic club.

    Anyway – great to see the blog, i’ll add you to my blogroll.

    There is now a great community of bloggers as you can see from my blogroll (and yours too). Will add more. Yes, read each others and please leave comments on here, on my blog and on everyones. Thats the way the conversation (as the great Paul Caplan would say) starts.

    Biggest problem I find is squeezing in time to blog.

    Paul Daniels – get off !!


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