I am really getting in to this pod casting business.  I’ve discovered the BritKnitCast – joining my new found love of all things audio with that of knitting!  It was the ideal calming influence as I battled with the stuffy tube to get to work this morning.  I can’t wait to listen to the next episode on my way home.

For those of you new to pod casting, they are kind of like audio blogs.  You subscribe to a particular pod cast (which can be about anything – someone’s interest, the news, a comedy show, a chat show, football analysis …) and when a new one is put online, the feed gets sent to you.  You can also dip in and directly download pod casts from a website.  This is how they’re described at

A “podcast” is a buzzword to describe a very simple concept: an audio or video file available on the Internet for you to listen to and/or watch. A podcast can also refer to a series of audio or video files (a podcast show, similar to a TV or radio show), and when using the word podcast most people refer to the entire series and not just one show.

Since setting out to engage with different aspects of new media, pod casts have been one of the things that has interested me the most.  I’ve particularly enjoyed carrying about the free london walks on my mp3 player and also various programmes on BBC Radio 4.

I’ve booked to go on one of sounddelivery’s pod casting courses in September, maybe I’ll find my niche and start creating my own pod casts!

I’d love to hear what pod casts other people subscribe to?

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