Blogging is tough

As you can probably tell by the length of time since my last post I’m finding this blogging thing quite hard, there’s so much going on here that I can never find time to do it although there’s lots that I want to talk about.

Blogs i’m reading

I’ve managed to keep up with lots of other blogs using my bloglines account and I’m enjoying reading how Beth Kanter has used her blog (and its readers) to raise money to support a Cambodian student through college, I’m continuously amazed by people and how generous they can be with their time and money.  I’ve also been warmed by the camaraderie of bloggers through things like turning blogs pink for breast cancer awareness and taking part in a day of blogging for Burma.

Events from the ICT Hub

I’m in the process of organising two events for the ICT, aimed at different parts of the voluntary sector.  The first is for organisations that work with older people and the second for organisations working with young people.  It’s been a really interesting time finding out about the ICT challenges facing these two groups, themes very quickly emerged and I hope that I manage to address them all at the events.  One of the key themes for organisations working with older people seem to be around digital inclusion, how can we reach older people – and help them connect to others – using technology.  I’m really looking forward to the sessions on the digital TV switchover, the use of assistive technologies and how older people are starting to (and might in the future) use online networks.  For organisations working with young people the capturing, storing and using of data is a huge issue and one that I think we can only start to address at the event.  If anyone particularly wants to input into these areas then feel free to get in touch.

Blog obsession, is there a treatment?

One of the problems with blog readers is that I am becoming obsessed, I’ve got blog feeds about knitting coming out of my ears and I’ve even subscribed to get the latest episode of The Archers sent to me!

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