Even knitters have a home online

My ICT and knitting worlds collided again at the weekend when I received my invitation to Ravelry.com.  For those of you not familiar with the wonderful knitting cyber world (I’m sure the intersection in the ICT / knitting venn diagram is fairly small!) Ravelry is an online community for knitters.  The site is still only in its testing phase but its popularity is such that around 35,000 people from all around the world have signed up to be testers.  I received my invite at the weekend and I’ve finally been let through the virtual doors!

The beauty of Ravelry is that it covers every knitting need you’ll ever have, you can list and photograph your yarn stash (those naughty bits of wool you buy but haven’t done anything with), you can upload photos of your finished items, chat and network with other knitters, find out about events in your area, share patterns, plan what you’re going to knit next, contribute to forums … and SO much more.  Can you tell I’m excited to get my stuff uploaded?!?  I love the fact that the internet is hosting communities for people with all sorts of interests, I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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