Thank you Weekly Blog Club

It seemed appropriate in my last post of the year to say thank you to Weekly Blog Club for being there, sticking it out, sharing amazing content and introducing me to a whole new bunch of people.

At least 20 different people have contributed posts under the #weeklyblogclub tag covering a wide range of topics; from work to leisure, from hopes to fears, from personal musings to challenging think pieces.

Lots of us have had a turn covering the Twitter account but the biggest thanks should really go to Janet Davis who has made sure we all got our act together. She really is the driving force… and she’s looking for work so if you need someone amazing then check out her website.

I’ve found having a reason to blog such a great motivator and I can’t believe I managed 31 out of 52 weeks, not too shabby considering I was away for about a month getting married.

It’ll be interesting to see how WBC develops next year.

If you’d like to take part, there’s some info about getting started over on the website.

Happy New Year everyone x

2 thoughts on “Thank you Weekly Blog Club

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