My day in six photos

I really enjoyed reading some of the photo posts that popped up on Weekly Blog Club last year. I think it was Kate Bentham that had the original idea. Kate’s post was 10 pictures, unfortunately I only managed to take six.

These were taken on Saturday 5th January 2013:

LidoThis is a bit of a cheat. Normally I would come here to go to a class or swimming (not now, the heating in the lido isn’t on). On this particulary morning I was with my husband who was doing a run. It was very early (for a Saturday) and pretty cold.

CoffeeWhen we finally got home we had some well earned (for him more than me) coffee, mine in my favourite Moomin coffee cup.

GardenWe’re trying to get our garden ready for growing vegetables in the spring. We had a bit of a half-hearted attempt at it last year but this year we’re getting serious. The soil is really heavy so we still need to make up some raised beds here, probably 3 at 2x1m.

KnittingI’ve been working on this cardigan for ages. I think I bought the yarn in a shop in Salem, MA in 2008. I’m determined to get it finished in the next couple of months so any spare moment I’m trying to use for knitting.

Tree decorationsWe took down our Christmas tree. These are a box of decorations I’ve always had. My dad’s cousin used to be in the navy in the (I think) 60s and 70s and he got most of these from China. You might not be able to make it out but quite a few of them are actually Monkey, he of the cloud and magic headband.

BrownBrown by name, brown by nature. I love brown and couldn’t resist taking this picture of my trousers, socks and shoes before we went out for a pizza.

So, that’s it. My day in six pictures.

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