The future is now

I have to admit that I’m one of those people who says “the future is now”. You find yourself talking to someone about all the amazing things that technology (usually social media tools) can do, they’re talking about the future and you have to stop them to say, “not the future, now!”.

It comes from being a techie I guess, always trying things out as soon as they’re launched. By the time they reach the masses you’ve already tested, analysed, looked for benefits, weighed up opportunities, got bored.

I had occasion to really stop and say “the future is now” when I watched this amazing clip on YouTube.

It’s Chris Hadfield – current commander on the ISS – answering questions from Canadians visiting the Canadian Space Agency. The special guest is William Shatner. What I love about this clip is that they’re both clearly in awe of each other. Shatner is fascinated to hear what it’s like to be in space and Commander Hadfield was obviously inspired by Star Trek.

At one point Hadfield talks about how, in Star Trek, the away team would communicate with the ship from the surface using their hand-held communicators and here they were, in 2013, having a conversation (of excellent quality) between Earth and space. Simply amazing. The future is now.

If you’ve found the clip as interesting as I did, someone posted this link on Twitter last week, 25 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012.

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