Help me open up my village’s local history project

Barcamp Berkshire session

This was the name of a session I ran at Barcamp Berkshire at the weekend.

It was the first time I’d proposed and run and session at a barcamp so I was pretty nervous but luckily six other people came to join me.

I’m involved in a local history project that will generate a lot of digital pictures, audio, text and reports.

The default of the project team is to put them on to a hard drive that locals can access but I really want to see how we can get all of the material online so as many people can see and use it as possible.

I ran the barcamp session as a way to pick brains and get some ideas on how to do this.

I’m so glad I ran it. As a result of the session I found out about:

It was also suggested that a great local history project is one that links the online with real life, perhaps using something like QR codes in the village so that people can access the material when they’re there.

These are all really useful ideas and I really appreciate people taking the time to come to my session.

If you’ve got other ideas for how I can open up this image, audio and text content then please leave me a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Help me open up my village’s local history project

  1. Hi Louise

    Sounds good and I would have liked to have been at the Barcamp so I could come to this session! I wonder if this is something that could be rolled out to other locations, once prototyped with your village?

    Happy to have a natter by hangout or skype or whatever?


    • Thanks for the enthusiasm Dave. I think we (I) still have a long way to go yet but I will definitely share what we come up with via this blog. I think this is the first time that anything like this has happened within the National Trust (as they own the whole village) so I’m hoping they will be in a position to built on it in other places.

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