My first podcast!

I’m so excited about creating my first podcast, well technically it wasn’t a podcast, just an audio file.  To make it a podcast I would need to attach an RSS feed to it so that people can subscribe … but it was the first step.

I attended some training this week which ran through what makes a great podcast/audio recording, how to go about interviewing people and how to edit the material you get.

We listened to some great examples of recordings people had made and it’s so much more powerful to hear someone talking than reading through a written report or letter.  There’s a huge amount of potential for voluntary and community groups and for relatively little money.

It was pretty scary being let loose on the London public, some people REALLY don’t want to be interviewed!

I think we all came away with really good stuff and I can’t wait to get cracking on ICT Hub resources and give them the audio treatment.

[That’s so weird – someone on radio 4 just said “podcast” in my ear]

I have skyped!

I’m so excited, I had my first skype phone call last night.  After hanging up on the person calling because I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, I sent an instant message to them to check they were actually trying to call me and then called them back.  I couldn’t believe it (I’m easily amused!) the sound quality was amazing, I was using quite a basic Logitech microphone that plugs straight in and is ready to use.  The only complaint that when I went to use headphones (so that my boyfriend didn’t have to put up with hearing my ramblings) the conversation got a bit echo-y.

For those who haven’t heard of Skype or VOIP or internet telephony, this is basically making phone calls over the internet.  VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is the generic term for it and Skype is one of the products that you can use.  I used Skype because it was already loaded on to my computer.

If you are making a VOIP call to someone else who has the same programme installed then the calls are free.  You can also call normal phones using the programme (such as Skype) but you have to pay for them, normally at a lower cost than a BT phone call.  You can find out more about VOIP on the Knowledgebase website

I am in love with Skype but I only know one other person using it so need to do a bit of encouraging amongst my friends!